Simple instructions on how to care for your bean bag products.

Taking care of your Resort Style Bean Bags products requires common sense and some simple procedures.

Mould and shower problems: Our Bean Bags are shower-proof. Unfortunately, if you leave anything in the sun it will fade. Our Resort Style Bean Bags have a PVC coating which assists with the protection from the sun and chemicals. Likewise, mould will occur if your beanbag is left in a damp area. We recommend a spray with eucalyptus oil to assist with preventing mould. If mould occurs, simply wipe the bean bag down with Napisan and warm water for excellent results.

Another Tip: If heavy weather is on the way, treat your Resort Style Bean Bags as you would any other luxury goods ... move them in under shelter until the bad weather passes. Also, placing any bean bag in a pool is not a good idea. They are not waterproof and can become water-logged if left in the pool for any length of time, making them very heavy and extremely difficult to lift from the pool. This may also lead to inadvertant wear & tear to your bean bag products.

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