All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Australia-wide postage charges are extra and are calculated according to the items and quantities you order. These charges are shown in the Shopping Cart. We only ship standard orders Australia-wide. For overseas destinations, please contact our Support Centre for further instructions.

Your order is checked for damage prior to shipment. Should your order arrive in damaged condition, please contact us immediately for further instructions. We do not refund or replace purchased goods as a general policy, unless the goods have been damaged in transit or there is a verifiable manufacturer's fault. We do not provide any warranty for accidental damage or negligent use. Please note: In the event your product is defective in the first 90 days due to a manufacturing fault, we will replace your bean bag without any cost to you.

We do not supply filler beans as part of your order. Suitable filler beans may be purchased from several retail outlets, including those generally listed on our Beans Retail Stores page.

The recommended bean quantities needed to fill our available bean bag styles are listed below in Litres (L). These quantities are benchmarks only and may vary based on a person's size and weight. For example, you may require fewer beans if you are heavier than normal, particularly for our TWIN-SHARE styled bean bags.

You should purchase Safety Standards-Compliant Expanded Polystylrene (EPS) Beans. EPS beans are generally available from retailers in 100L and possibly 50L packs. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Centre.


DirtiHari (100L)  |  MeTime (200-300L)  |  UsTime (400-600L)  |  Kahuna (400-500L)  |  BigKahuna (800-1000L) 

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