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Why We Love Our Bean Bags in Australia

Bean bags have been around a long time and we love them here in Australia. Some believe the ancient Egyptians invented the bean bag about 2000 B.C. however, a little investigation and you’ll find they were just little bags of leather filled with stones or beans to use as toys. Bean bags as furniture the way we know them, began in the 1960s and 1970s and they’ve never really wavered in their popularity since that time.

Bean bags are the perfect casual seating option in many situations however, they do have some distinct advantage that suit our Australian lifestyle. Let’s look at all the benefits of great quality bean bags.


Bean bags are great way to add a fun, relaxed vibe to your home. There’s also plenty of colour and styles to suit your taste. You can choose a style that blends in with the décor of your home, or choose something that stands out and add a splash of colour to your space. There’s plenty of options here!


The beauty of a great bean bag is the way it can be moulded to the shape you’d like and what feels comfortable to you. There’s all sorts of sizes and styles to suit your preferences too. There’s single chair and double chair bean bags, kids bean bags or single and double Kahuna bean bags if you prefer something larger. You can sit, lay back and even sleep in a bean bag if you wish.

Easy to Move

Bean bags are super easy to move since they are so light. This gives you the flexibility to move them around the home depending on where you’d like to recline. This also makes them very popular outdoors. We love our backyard lifestyles here in Australia. What could be better than sitting outdoors on a large bean bag, with a good book and beverage at hand? If you do choose to use your bean bags primarily outdoors, ensure your bean bag material is suitable. (hint: ours are)

Easy to Clean

We love convenience here in Australia. Not only are bean bags easy to move around your home as you like, they are super easy to clean if the right fabric is used. Depending on the fabric, the covers may be machine washable if you were to empty them first of course. For easy, more frequent cleaning, a quick wipe down will do the trick. This is great news if you have a young family who are prone to spilling food or drinks. Because the bean bag filling repels liquid, you don’t need to worry about getting them too wet, just clean them and pop them in the sun to dry. 


Bean bags are very affordable furniture when compared to other seating options such as sofas, armchairs, couches or chairs. They are a cost-effective way to add casual seating to your home, inside and outside. Like most furniture you can purchase, there are many options ranging from super-cheap, to high-end luxury. We highly recommend buying quality bean bags only and that’s all we stock. While there may be cheaper on the market, ours are great quality so they’ll last the distance and we charge a modest price considering the quality.

The downside of bean bags

Full disclosure: We at Resort Style Bean Bags believe bean bags are amazing and every home or holiday resort should have plenty of them… of course we do… but there are a few reasons why they may not suit your needs.

  • Bean bags can be difficult to get up from so if mobility is an issue for you, they may not be suitable.
  • The filling inside bean bags don’t last forever. It will need replacing or topping up over time.
  • Bean bags will probably not last as long as heavy duty, upholstery you might find on other furniture since bean bags do tend to get thrown around and take a battering.
  • Bean bag filling can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled so you need to make sure they are well sealed if you have young children.
  • Bean bags are not a safe place for babies to sleep since they are likely to collapse and potentially suffocate the infant.
  • Bean bags are super comfortable so they may not provide a good learning environment. (You might do more napping than learning)

Okay so now the choice is yours. Given all the advantages and disadvantages of bean bags, do you think they’ll suit your needs? (hint: say yes)

You can see our range of options in our bean bag shop here.

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