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Which Bean Bags are best for Schools?

School has returned for the year and children will have settled into the classroom routine after a summer holiday. We look at alternative the best bean bags for schools to help create a child friendly learning space.

Creating a classroom from a child’s point of view not only helps lower stress levels, but it creates a fun and calm environment, and focused, productive students. Flexible seating can be easily obtained using bean bags.

Bean Bags for schools need to be easy to move around and clean. Comfortable to sit on and just the right size to fit into a classroom. Furthermore, outdoor bean bags can be used indoors and outdoors, to take the classroom to another level.

How do we determine the best bean bags for schools?


The size of the best bean bags for schools will depend on the area you have to work in. Here at Resort Style Bean Bags we have a number of different sizes that can easily be added to a classroom. From our DirtiHari (1m x 1m bean bag cushion) to our MeTime (single chair) or may be a larger size, we can help create a cozy classroom area.


Styles of bean bags for schools can range from cushions to single seating, all the way up to double loungers. The space available and the need to move the bean bags around will dictate the size required. Consequently, if there is a style that you are really in need of we would be happy to help design it for you.


Bean bags for schools need to be easy to clean as well as comfortable to sit on or in. Using fabric that will not hold dust and dirt can help allergy sufferers as well.

  • Standard Fabric: 400D Polyester with PVC backing to help with water resistance. Soft canvas finish, suitable for indoors and occasional outdoor use. Wipe with a damp cloth, allowing to dry in the shade.
  • Commercial Fabric: 1680D Polyester with PVC backing. Thicker weave, gloss finish. Suitable for indoors and occasional outdoor use. Wipe with a damp cloth, allowing. to dry in the shade.
  • Sunproof Olefin: Solution dyed Olefin, UV resistant, machine washable or wipe with a damp cloth, water resistant and treated with an anti mould/mildew treatment. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, light and easy to move around.


Bean Bags for schools can have a range of uses. We have listed a few ideas to help your classroom or even school stand out from the crowd:

  • create a cozy reading area
  • create a space to help with relaxing and reading or for group discussions
  • move the classroom outside when the weather is suitable
  • extra seating or flexible seating to help children settle in
  • add a pop of colour to the classroom, making it more child friendly
  • unique and inviting for children, encouraging them to come to school
  • create bean bags in school colours to keep with the school theme

Therefore, having bean bags for schools can be a great alternative to the traditional tables and chairs. Creating a space where we use the child’s point of view for a fun, relaxing environment helps to lower stress, and creates calm, focused and productive children. Contact us at Resort Style Bean Bags and let us help you create a place children will want to enjoy everyday! Ask us about our bulk order pricing.

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