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Looking for unique gift ideas this Christmas? Resort Style Bean Bags stock a range of small and large bean bags. With a range of colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes there is sure to be something for everyone on your Christmas list. Find a bean bag size below:


100x100cm indoor outdoor bean bag cushions coffee black
DirtiHari pictured in Standard Fabric – Coffee and Black

This versatile 1m x 1m bean bag cushion can be used in a variety of ways. Kids will love them in the playroom or rumpus room, to just hang out with friends. Or why not try them by the pool, using our Olefin Fabric they are sure to be a hit with the teenagers. Don’t forget the fur babies! These bean bag cushions make a great pet bed. Above all, being easy to clean and easy to store away we know you will fall in love with them too.


Sometimes little one’s need a little TimeOut. This handy miniature MeTime bean bag is great for little one’s. Children love having something for themselves. In other words, having a smaller version of mum or dad’s chair will make them feel grown up. Great for the lounge, playroom, cubby house or bedroom. Because they are easy to move around and available in a variety of colours, they can be used in a variety of ways. Why not make it personalised and have their name on the back. (no fights over who’s chair it is!)


MeTime by the pool

Everyone needs a little MeTime in life. These bean bag chairs are so easy to move around you will want to use them everyday. From indoors to outdoors, there are many uses:

  • Teenagers gaming room – the perfect chair for gaming
  • By the pool – our Olefin Fabric is perfect by the pool
  • Extra seating when friends come over
  • Outdoor Concerts – be the envy of your friends when you sit comfortably watching the children at school Christmas concerts
  • Gifts – for family members / friends who have everything!
  • The ManCave – don’t forget dad’s special room.

However, you may find that one is not enough. At Resort Style Bean Bags we can have the bean bags embroidered or even customised to favourite team colours. This should ensure there are no fights within the home.


The UsTime bean bags are a big bean bag chair. Share with someone special or keep it all for yourself. Being a big bean bag, they are great for tall people who like the room to spread out. These comfortable chairs are great around the home – indoors or outdoors.

  • extra seating both inside and outside
  • rumpus room/teenage retreat
  • teenage gaming chair
  • home movie theatre
  • perfect by the pool
  • Man Cave

The UsTime Bean Bags have been used in a variety of ways for Commercial industries. For instance, Clover Hill Wineries – Tasmania, shopping centres and outdoor theatre festivals.


Kahuna Olefin
Kahuna in Sunproof Olefin Venao 165

The Kahuna Bean Bag single lounger not only looks smart but is a versatile lounger that looks great. For instance, by the pool, on the deck or balcony not only adds extra seating, but looks relaxing and inviting for guests.

However, not just for outdoors. These loungers make great additions to a cinema room or even the. lounge room or extra rumpus room for the kids. Versatile for one person to lounge on, or teenagers to gather with friends.

Big Kahuna:

Big Kahuna Commercial Chocolate
Big Kahuna Commercial Chocolate

When you are trying to find that special something for the person who has everything! The Big Kahuna is more than just a bean bag. For instance, this double lounger is large enough to fit two people. A great way to relax and enjoy time with loved one’s.

In addition to the fact it can be shared, they look great by the pool or on the deck. Added seating, or a place to relax with a good book, alternatively, have a quiet snooze. Making your home feel like a resort these big bean bags will suit indoor or outdoors. Imagine lying watching a movie indoors or in the Man Cave! Similarly, lazing by the pool or under the shade of a tree in your very own large bean bag.

In conclusion, there are a range of bean bags at Resort Style Bean Bags that will make a unique Christmas gift. However, if there is something you like that is not on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we can make any shape and size. In addition, read about different fabrics to help you decide which is the best product for you here.