Clean your Outdoor Bean Bags & Outdoor Cushions

Mouldy Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Spring is nearly upon us and it is time to dust off our outdoor furniture and look forward to some fun in the sun.

When the cold and wet weather arrive we place our outdoor furniture cushions/bean bags away and store them until the weather becomes warmer.

You may find when you bring them out they have a smell or they may even be covered in mould from being stored away damp or stored in humid conditions around the home.

Cleaning your Resort Style Bean Bag covers and Outdoor Cushions is easy.  If you find you are living in an area that has high humidity, a little spray of eucalyptus on the cushions or bean bags will help keep mould at bay.

If you find that mould is appearing we recommend a product that is both environmentally friendly and works to kill mould spores and prevent mould from coming back.  It will continue to inhibit germs/mould longer than most other cleaners.

Easy to use, simply spray Mould Power onto the surface, leave for 5 to 10 minutes, lightly scrub and then rinse off.  If you find you have a heavy infestation of mould, reapply Mould Power as required.

Another product that we have found to be great for general cleaning of our covers and bean bags is a multipurpose stain remover called Exit Soap.  This soap will help to remove everything from biro, ink, permanent marker, blood, red wine, boot polish, lipstick etc.  Easy to use, simply wet the area to be cleaned, rub the soap on the stain and rinse clean.

Both Mould Power and Exit Soap are natural products so won’t upset those that suffer with allergies. They also won’t damage the fabrics of your outdoor beanbags and outdoor cushions.

Keeping your covers clean and dry will help prevent the fabric from becoming damaged and will help your covers to stay fresh and new for years to come.

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