Our Custom Cushion Cover & Outdoor Bean Bag Fabrics

treated water resistant fabric

Depending on how you use custom cushion covers / bean bags and your budget, will depend on the type of fabric chosen.

All fabrics listed can be used for both bean bags and custom cushion covers.

Similarly, at Resort Style Bean Bags there are a variety of bean bag and custom cushion cover fabrics to suit a range of situations –

  • Standard (400D PVC backed Polyester)
  • Commercial strength (1680D PVC backed Polyester)
  • Resortella (treated Polyester)
  •  Sunproof 100% solution dyed Olefin.

    Standard fabric: suits undercover areas or similarly indoors(no sun), and will have a matte canvas type finish.

    Commercial grade fabric: 4x stronger for enhanced durability. Therefore, being less fade resistant than the Standard fabric, and having a thicker weave allowing more dye to be applied. In other words, it can be used in areas with limited sun. In addition, it features an enhanced sheen, making it easy to keep clean.

    Resortella fabric: treated for water resistance (see picture) and having a soft cushion finish. Generally suited to undercover areas both indoors and outdoors. This fabric is predominantly used for custom cushion covers.

    Both Standard and Commercial fabric have PVC backing therefore, making them water resistant.  However, if these fabrics are in heavy rain it will seep through the stitching, therefore is not termed waterproof.

    Olefin: In addition, depending on budget and if wanting bean bags or cushion covers to last more than a few years, consider Olefin fabric. Resort Style Bean Bags prefers Sunproof 100% solution dyed olefin. Solution dyed fabric is a must if you want covers / bean bags to last longer than polyester fabrics. The simple graphic below explains the benefit of solution dying.

    Explanation of solution dyed v normal fabric

    Olefin is hard wearing, water resistant, chlorine resistant, antibacterial and machine washable. Available in a variety of colours and patterns makes it a very versatile fabric.


    Fabrics have the ability to fade over time, due to harsh sun and weather conditions. However, Commercial or Olefin fabrics are recommended if covers are to be left in the elements. Polyester fabrics (Standard, Commercial and Resortella) will fade over time if left in direct sunlight. However, some colours fade faster than others. For instance, lighter colours are less noticeable to fading by the sun, than darker colours.

    Above all, Olefin would be the best choice if you’re wanting covers to stand the test of time. However, they do come at a price – for instance, new covers for an old setting may be more than a new outdoor set! Alternatively, if buying a completely new outdoor setting cheaper, be aware of the fabric used as you may find it to be cheap and therefore, need new covers within a year.

    In conclusion, when weighing up the cost of Polyester vs Olefin, or the cost of a new outdoor setting take into consideration the following:

  • where your setting will be located – (undercover, full sun, beside a swimming pool)
  • what your setting will be used for – (dining, lounging by the pool)
  • how you store cushions when not used – (inside, left outside, in a dry, sealed storage box)
  • All these factors contribute to the choice of fabric you use for both bean bags and custom cushion covers.

    Fabric Summary: Summary of fabrics and best environments for use:


  • 400D Polyester
  • Suits an undercover area (no sun)
  • Has a matte canvas type finish
  • PVC backed for water resistance
  • Commercial:

  • 1680D Polyester
  • Thicker weave allowing more dye to be applied making it more fade resistant, suits an area with occasional sun
  • PVC backed for water resistance
  • Resortella:

  • Treated Polyester – Water Resistance
  • Soft cushion finish
  • Suitable for areas with no or very limited sun
  • Sunproof 100% Solution Dyed Olefin:

  • Suitable for areas where there will be sun and weather
  • Water Resistant
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Mould Resistant
  • Tested and Certified as a high performance outdoor fabric (see the link above for certifications)
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