Bringing the outdoors in!

Bringing the outdoors inside!

Bringing the outdoors inside this Spring can give you added benefits! The weather lately has been warm and sunny one day, and cold and wet the next. Being able to create an inside space to reflect the outdoors is not only relaxing, but also refreshing for the mind and body! Here are a few ways you can bring the outside in.

1. Plants/Flowers:

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Whether you use real or artificial plants and flowers will not affect the look you are trying to create. Having real plants around the home will help with keeping the air clean. Similarly, real flowers will bring perfume into the home. Due to allergies being a problem, the artificial variety may be the way to go.

2. Natural Light:

Having large windows in a room naturally brings light into a home. Using light window coverings will help keep the room feeling lighter and larger. Consequently you gain a feeling of lightness and hope.

Large Windows

3. Window views:

Likewise, having inspiring views from the windows will help by bringing the outdoors inside. Maintaining gardens and lawns, having pool or water views helps to inspire and bring a therapeutic feel into the home.

4. Use Bean Bags & Rattan Furniture:

MeTime Standard Grey
MeTime Standard Dark Grey

The furniture within the home will set the tone for the room. If you are wanting a relaxing environment, go for bean bags or furniture made using natural materials to help bring the outdoors in. Using bright colours to make the room feel light and airy. Similarly, using neutral colours for furniture can make adding colour fun to a room. Consequently creating a space to relax and unwind after a hard day.

5. Add colour:

Frangipani Light Blue Indoor Cushion Cover
Frangipani Light Blue Indoor Cushion Cover

Using colours inspired by the outdoors will help to bring a feeling of being outside. Using blue to represent the sky or ocean, yellow to represent the sand, sun and flowers. Green for the trees and plants on earth. Therefore, using indoor cushions with bright prints will help to bring that resort style feeling.

6. Potted Trees:

Potted Lemon Tree

If you have potted citrus trees or even olive trees bring them inside for a special occasion. By placing them on a trolley you can easily move them around, just make sure to water them regularly.

7. Artwork:

Lone Seagull
Lone Seagull

Due to reasons that you are unable to control, it may mean you are unable to bring the outdoor elements indoors. Having artwork hanging on the walls will help to depict the scene you are looking for. Therefore, hanging pictures landscapes, or even flowers will help bring the outdoors in. Likewise, a beach theme of ocean scenery or shells maybe the way to go.

Finally, having the indoors feel like the great outdoors will help to revive and boost energy. Creating a home you can feel relaxed and refreshed helps build a happy home. For more inspiring ideas for outdoors read our ideas on creating a cozy outdoor living space.