child on a pool bean bag

Can you put a bean bag in the pool?

The short answer is yes, you can definitely put a bean bag in the pool! In fact, bean bags are a popular choice for pools / poolside furniture and can add a fun, relaxed vibe to your pool area.

Pool Bean Bags

However, not all bean bags are created equal when it comes to being used in the water. There are specifically designed “pool bean bags” that are made with materials that can withstand being submerged in water and getting wet. These bean bags often have a waterproof or water-resistant cover and are best filled with polystyrene ‘beans’ that will not absorb water or become heavy when wet. One material that is particularly well-suited for use in pool bean bags is olefin, as it is chlorine and salt water resistant and can withstand exposure to pool chemicals.

When shopping for a pool bean bag, it’s a good idea to look for one with a mesh bottom. This allows water to drain out easily, ensuring that the bean bag does not become waterlogged and heavy. It’s also a good idea to choose a bean bag with a durable, high-quality cover that can withstand the elements and pool chemicals.

On the other hand, regular bean bags that are not designed for use in the water may not fare as well. Their covers may not be waterproof and the filling material may absorb water, making the bean bag heavy and potentially ruining both the bean bag and the filling.

two Outdoor bean bag chairs by a pool

Poolside Bean Bags

In addition to pool bean bags, there are also “poolside bean bags” which are designed for use on the deck or patio surrounding the pool. These bean bags are not meant to be submerged in water, but are still made with water-resistant materials and can withstand splashes and spills. (In fact, many poolside bean bags can be used in the pool, but will not have the mesh to drain the water – and some may be made of materials that do not handle pool chemicals)

Another factor to consider when shopping for a bean bag for the pool or poolside is the size of the bean bag. A large bean bag may be more comfortable for lounging, but it may also be more difficult to move around and may take up a lot of space. Consider the size of your pool area and how you envision using the bean bag when choosing the right size. Ideally you also consider how you might store the bean bag when it is not in use. By storing it away, instead of leaving it in the pool or sun, you will prolong the life of your pool bean bag by years!

Finally, don’t forget to think about the style and colour of the bean bag. Choose a design that fits in with your pool’s decor and complements the overall look and feel of the area. You can either match the colour of the pool bottom, the surrounding paving/tiles, or even accent colours you may have in your back yard.

turquoise floating pool bean bag in a pool

Key Points

In conclusion, bean bags can be a great addition to your pool or poolside, but it’s important to choose the right type and style to ensure they are both comfortable and durable. Look for waterproof or water-resistant materials, such as olefin, a mesh bottom for easy water drainage, and a high-quality cover that can withstand the elements and pool chemicals. Consider the size and style that fits your needs and preferences.

We have just designed a new pool bean bag that will be available soon, so contact us to find out more, or if you have any questions!

(Please note that pool bean bags are not flotation devices, and should never be sold as such)