relaxing winery bean bag chairs

Corporate Branded Bean Bags

Want a great way to promote your brand or business? Have a function or event and need some awesome/comfortable seating? Why not try our personalised or branded bean bags for both indoor and outdoor use! Personalised or branded bean bags bring colour and fun to any function, event, or space. If your company or business is looking for a great way to get your brand recognised, or you are just looking for that personalised touch for your home, then we can help you!

USTIME Double Indoor outdoor bean bag chair lounger

Our single and double chair bean bags are perfect for both corporate and home environments. They have a high back which makes them so comfortable, but just as importantly, the high back provides the perfect space to advertise your business or personalise with your, or a loved ones, name. Check out our METIME (single chair outdoor bean bag), and USTIME (double chair outdoor bean bag) in our shop to see what we mean. Or if you want the ultimate in luxury, and really want people to remember your brand, why not try our Big Kahuna! This is one giant bean bag, and anyone who encounters one will definitely remember you. 

If you’re going to invest in corporate branded bean bags, then you want to make sure they will last.  So it’s important to know what type of fabric they are made from, particularly if they will be used mostly outdoors. Most outdoor bean bags are made from some form of polyester – which is what our commercial fabric is made from. This is fine for years of use, but colours will eventually fade over time. However, if you really want your bean bags to stand the test of time, then we recommend choosing from our range of Olefin Bean Bags. These can be machine washed, have a range of treatments, and is one of the best fabrics available today for outdoor use. 

Relaxing winery bean bag chairs
bean bags at a winery with corporate logo

Olefin METIME and USTIME with embroidery

Another decision you will need to make is how to apply your brand, corporate logo, slogan or name. Many companies will screen print, or heat press your logo onto bean bags. In our experience, they can initially look great, but the print will start to peel off or break apart in time. We prefer to use embroidery as it will last much longer, and adds that touch of class. You will find that most suppliers cannot embroider on to the larger bean bags as they are too big and heavy to fit on to their embroidery machines. As a manufacturer, we can complete the embroidery as we are making your bean bag!  And because we make them, we can tailor them to your requirements. Want a different colour trim? No problems! Want a slightly longer or bigger bean bag? No problems! Have you seen something you like and want that exact shape or style? No problems! We can provide custom made corporate branded indoor and outdoor bean bags to suit anyone’s needs. Don’t settle for something that everyone else has, stand out from the crowd! 

Embroidery on TimeOut

Who are branded bean bags for? Everyone! We have supplied corporates, small businesses, clubs, community groups, schools, day care centres, resorts, hotels, kindergartens and everyday people. Our bean bags are great gifts, great for raffles and prizes/giveaways, great for your function or event, and will represent your brand with style. It’s a match made in heaven! With our wide range of fabrics and styles to suit all needs, and our ability to custom make anything to your needs, you can’t go wrong with Resort Style Bean Bags.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth or even Fiji or London – we can help you out. As well as Australian companies like Westfields, Melbourne’s botanic gardens, and Sydney’s Harbour Authority, exclusive hotels and resorts from around the world like Double Tree Hilton Resort in Fiji, and the Soho Group of Hotels in the UK trust us to brand and supply bean bags. We would be happy to chat to you and help with your branding and business needs. Our range covers every budget and need. And if we don’t have what you want, we can always make it for you! 

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