outdoor beanbags and large outdoor cushions on the grass in the sun with a hammock in the background

Enjoy the Outdoor Lifestyle in Australia with Large Outdoor Cushions

This summer season our customers are loving our large indoor and outdoor bean bag cushions. We’ve also been pleased to provide many custom outdoor cushion covers. They’re perfect for people who want to enjoy the outdoors and still be comfortable. 

If you live in Australia, high-quality, large outdoor cushions in Olefin are especially important because they can survive the harsh weather that we often experience here. We’ve compiled a list of benefits to our large cushions so you can see why they might be worth investing in.

Super Comfortable

Our large bean bag cushions are super comfortable! Just like regular bean bags you can shift the beans around to provide the perfect shape and comfort you are looking for. Once you’ve got it just right for you, your body weight can evenly distribute over the whole surface of the cushion which means every part of your body gets to relax in perfect comfort.

If you’ve got a daybed or outdoor furniture you just love and its comfortable but the covers and old, worn and stained, we can custom create new cushion covers to suit your needs. New covers will breathe new life into your outdoor furniture and create that comfortable relaxing feeling you know and love.

Indoor & Outdoor Durability

Our range of large bean bag cushions are designed to withstand the Australian outdoor weather conditions (Olefin fabric). They’re also perfectly fine to use indoors too. The large indoor and outdoor bean bag cushions come in a range of durable quality woven fabrics with a water resistant qualities. While they are designed for adults of all shapes and sizes, many customers have used them as dog beds. They’ve found the durability a great advantage for their furry friends.

Bean Bag Colour Sunroof Olefin Newkoblenz 044

When it comes to our custom made outdoor cushion covers and daybed covers, the same standards and level of quality apply. Our custom made covers are Australian designed and custom-made to order, ensuring a perfect fit for your furniture. We offer a range of quality fabrics that suit any situation – from use indoors to withstanding the harsh outdoor weather conditions. Our Olefin covers are also fade resistant, so you can be sure they’ll look great for years to come.

Fabulous Colours

When setting up an attractive and enticing outdoor living space, large cushions can be coloured to fit the theme of your home’s interior decor. Our large outdoor bean bag cushions come in a range of colours and fabrics so you can pick something which reflects your personality and taste. If you choose a cushion that suits your interior decor, it will blend perfectly, making your outdoor space feel like a cohesive extension of your home. If you already have other outdoor furniture such as coloured umbrellas, we’re confident you’ll find something in our range to compliment it perfectly. 

We provide a number of customised products for commercial customers who have strict brand guidelines when it comes to colour. Large custom outdoor cushions give you the chance to bring your brand outdoors and show off its personality. Our customised covers can be made to meet your brief, so it’s easy for you or your branding agency to book us in for your project.

Very Affordable

Another great benefit of large outdoor cushions is the affordability. You can purchase online a large, high quality bean bag cushion for a fraction of the price you would pay for products of equivalent quality elsewhere. They’re also far more cost effective than many other traditional outdoor furniture options. This makes them ideal if you’re on a budget or want to add some extra comfort to your outdoor area without breaking the bank.

bean bag floor cushions next to a table by the pool

We’ve also had plenty of feedback from happy customers to suggest our custom cushion covers are very competitively priced when compared to other quotes. We’re more than happy to discuss all your options to ensure your cushions are exactly what you were looking for.

The Perfect Australian Outdoor Living Space

Large cushions can provide an extra-large surface area which means more room for stretching out. Large bean bag cushions offer the perfect way to relax outdoors in your Aussie backyard, at a corporate function or at a holiday resort. Put them under your veranda for the kids to enjoy or use them as a garden oasis where you can enjoy some me-time relaxing outdoors in comfort. 

In 2022, many of us had hoped lockdowns would be a thing of the past. It appears, at least for the short term, many of us will be stuck at home in isolation from time to time. We’re heading into the hottest time of year so it’s time to set yourself up at home to enjoy your outdoor space while you may be stuck at home. Imagine kicking back on a large outdoor cushion, relaxing with a cool drink in the evening after a hot day.

During these uncertain times, we have also had schools wanting to teach outside who have turned to our Dirti Hari large outdoor cushions. They are perfect for the kids to sit on and learn whilst keeping safe.

Living in Australia, the weather this time of year can be hot and our large outdoor cushions will help you to enjoy your favourite activities in the backyard such as BBQs, reading or sunbathing out on the deck in comfort.