Fabric Information

We have 4 types of fabric available, all of them can be used indoors & outdoors, however there are some limitations, so make sure you choose the right fabric for your situation. If you are unsure, we are happy to help, just give us a call. Our four fabrics are called – standard, commercial, Resortella (all polyester), and 100% Solution Dyed Olefin.

The standard fabric suits an undercover area, and has a matte canvas type finish. The commercial fabric is 200% stronger for greater durability, and has a thicker weave which allows more dye to be applied, so it is more fade resistant. Both the standard and commercial fabrics are PVC backed, which gives them their water resistant qualities, and both are very easy to keep clean.

Resortella is a treated polyester fabric, so water just beads off it. It has a soft cushion finish, has a greater tolerance to fading, and is indeed the top of our range.

All our fabrics are water resistant. We don’t say waterproof as, if they are caught in a heavy down pour of rain, water can seep through where the stitching and zipper are. If this happens, you just need to ensure you remove the covers and dry them out thoroughly, otherwise mould could develop.

We highly recommend our Olefin fabric if your covers are going to be left out in the elements. The polyester fabrics will fade quite quickly if in direct sunlight all the time. Commercial fabric will last the best of the Polyesters if exposed to the sun constantly. All fabrics will eventually fade in our sun, but lighter colours are less affected.

We have many colours available and we are happy to send out samples. Just contact us to see our colour range and get a quote for your custom outdoor cushion needs.

Bean Bag Information


DirtiHari (100L) | Timeout (100L) | MeTime (200-300L) | UsTime (500-600L) | Kahuna (400-500L) | BigKahuna (800-1000L)


Our bean bags are water resistant. Water resistant fabrics are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. During a decent downpour, water will bead up on the outside and on top of the water-resistant fabric. But eventually, after quite a bit of rain, the fabric will become waterlogged and eventually soak up the water. As well as this, water can seep in through the small holes left by the stitching, and through the teeth of the zip. So we recommend you store your bean bags under cover in rain. 


Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will reduce the life of the colour of your bean bag. The darker the colour, the more susceptible it will be to prolonged direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Our bean bags are available in standard, commercial and Olefin fabrics. See the fabric information above to choose the most suitable fabric for your situation.

Leaving your bean bag outdoors 24/7 will also expose it to pollution, dirt and dust. We recommend storing your bean bag in a dry place away from sunlight when not in use. Why not take it inside so you can enjoy it all the time!


Your beanbag should be stored inside or in a covered area after outside use. They are not for permanent outdoor use.

– Try to limit the time of sun exposure in order to prevent your bean bag from color fading.

– Limit the time of exposure to humidity & dry them properly to prevent mould.

– Make sure you dry your bean bag properly after contact with water.

– If you are using your bean bag near a pool, ensure you rinse it off with the hose at the end of the day, as chlorine may react with the materials & damage them.

To clean marks and dirt – see our guide here

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