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How much filling for our Bean Bags?

Filling Bean Bags has never been enjoyable. You may have bought our bean bags, or you may have received one of our bean bags as a gift. For that reason, we send information on filling our bean bags. However, in the excitement these can be overlooked. As a result, it comes down to how do I fill my bean bag, similarly, with how much filling?

Bean Bag Filling:

Bean Bag filling is generally measured in Litres when you purchase a bag of filling. The filling is generally a man-made substance known as expanded polystyrene (EPS) beans.

Bean Bag Filling

Most major stores sell 100L bags of filling for bean bags. This makes it easy to understand how many bags you are needing to fill your bean bags. Kmart, Big W, Target and Spotlight are just a few stores and pricing is generally $12 for 100L.

Safety/Warning Labels:

Bean bags should be made to Australian safety standards and therefore, warning labels need to be attached. Safety zippers on both the cover and the inner linings ensure children cannot access the filling.

Our Bean Bags:

Below are recommendations for filling our bean bags. Personal preference may mean you fill your bean bag less than the recommended amount. However, we do not recommend using more than the amount stated. Consequently, overfilling the bean bag will not only be like sitting on a rock, but will place stress on the seams.

Each of our bean bags contains an inner lining for the filling. The filling is stored within this liner therefore, making it easier to fill and remove the cover for cleaning, if needed.

How to fill our Bean Bags:

  • Place the lining inside the bag (as you would a doona cover). 
  • Make a 10-20 cm incision into the corner of the polystyrene beans that you purchased to fill your Bean Bag. 
  • Place your hand over the incision end and place it inside the bean bag towards the bottom of the liner, as you slowly lift the polystyrene bag of beans they will pour easily. 
  • To stop the flow simply press down on the incision end so bag comes into contact with the beans that have already been poured.
  • Having two people makes the job easier and quicker, than trying to go alone.

Hence, knowing how to fill our bean bags makes the job easier and less stressful. By placing the inner lining within the cover and having someone help keep it open, your Resort Style Bean Bags will be filled and ready to enjoy in no time.

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