MeTime bean bags

Make Your Living Room Pop, with Decorative Bean Bags

While bean bag chairs are not really newcomers on the home-décor front, they are reinventing themselves as a unique, modern, and comfortable furniture option for even the most common living spaces. 

As a trendy and affordable alternative to larger, more expensive pieces of furniture, it is easy to see how decorative bean bag chairs have again become popular pieces of furniture in modern homes in recent years.

If you are thinking of incorporating this statement piece into your living space, keep reading. Below are some tips for how you can make your living room pop with a decorative bean bag chair. 

Choose the Right Colour 

Bean bags come in a broad range of colours. More subtle, muted colours will give your living room a sophisticated look while bright colours can make your room pop. Consider a complimentary pattern that will add a level of depth to your room decor. Be sure to compliment the colour and theme of your existing space. 

Consider Different Styles

While the round bean bag chair might be a classic, other options might better suit your needs. Consider a bean bag lounger or a more supportive chair that offers different options for structure and form. Bean bags offer versatility when it comes to decorating a living room with a style that better suits your personal taste.

Bean bags offer a comfortable space to sit or stretch, and they are also mobile enough that you can move them around to play games or watch a movie. 

Choose the Right Texture 

Consider your living room style when selecting your bean bag texture. A certain texture might work better depending on what the chair will be exposed to in your home (i.e., pets, children, etc.)  

We know what kids are like, they’ll probably drag the bean bag all around the house, inside and out. There are options for bean bag chairs that are durable enough to take outside. If you select one like this, they are covered in PVC-backed polyester, which means they are protected against the water and the rain. 

Think Long-term

We have talked about how flexible decorative bean bag chairs can be. It is one of the most beneficial aspects of this style of furniture – the ability to adjust the chairs to your changing daily needs. 

Even so, thoughtfully consider where you will keep your bean bags as a “base” for long term use. Consider putting a couple of bean bag chairs around your coffee table, where people can easily engage with others in conversation or when playing a game.


Decorating your living room is something many of us want to do, but never get around to doing it. Sometimes we worry about the expense and are not quite sure where to start. We may be biased but we believe bean bags are a fantastic, inexpensive way to get started.

Decorative bean bag chairs are a great way to give yourself options, flexibility, and functionality while keeping comfort and style in mind. When picking out your bean bag chair, be sure to:

– Choose the Right Colour

– Consider Different Styles

– Choose the Right Texture

– Think Long-term

Following these tips will help you choose the right decorative bean bag chair for you and your family and help your living room pop. Add one of our bean bag chairs to your home decor today.