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Outdoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about kids and fun. Specifically, kids who are stuck at home and want to have fun outside. Let’s explore some of the best ways that kids can stay entertained while they’re cooped up at home!

For many families who have been stuck at home for extended periods, it might feel like you’ve played every board-game and watched every program you can on Netflix. Your kids might start to feel stir crazy and act out. Here are some fun activities you can do outside!

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

It’s important for kids mental health to get outdoors and have some fun running around in the fresh air. An outdoor treasure hunt is a great way to get kids moving and exploring.

Why not take a break from the pressures of school work and spend a couple of hours in the backyard? You could create your own treasure map of the backyard (or any outdoor space you have) that leads your kids through a number of places to find special surprises. For older kids, you might leave a trail of clues they need to decipher in order to find the hidden treasure.

If your kids enjoy the adventure, ask them if they’d like to create their own treasure hunt for the adults to explore. That could be just as much, if not more fun for the family.

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Hide and Seek

We’ve probably all grown up playing hide and seek. It’s a classic kids game, but it’s also fun for adults. It’s probably a good idea to let your kids win from time to time. 

Depending on the size of your yard and any safety issues, you may set boundaries that could include side yards and your front yard. For those with tiny yards, you might choose to play this game indoors and outdoors however, you should take the opportunity to get your kids outside in the fresh air as much as possible.

Pack a Picnic

Life stuck at home can be boring for us all. Why not create a sense of adventure by packing a picnic lunch or dinner that you can eat outside? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could even go the extra mile and pack themed goodies that you typically only have as a family while on holidays.

Eating together is a powerful way to bond as a family, so you’ll be helping your child feel more connected, even in lockdown. It’s also a great way to get your kids off the devices and to talk and open up about how they might be feeling.

Setup Camp

If you’re a family that loves camping, then why not get the gear out and setup camp in the backyard. If you’ve got a tent, set it up in a way that minimises going back inside the family home so can create a real camping vibe.

All you need are some pillows, blankets and mattresses that can be arranged together in order for everyone to sleep comfortably. You might also set up games such as cards or board games around the camp area so the whole family can play together.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

While the above tips can be great fun and are a bit of a novelty, setting up your outdoor living space so its inviting for the whole family is the real winner. Even those that have a small backyard can create a cosy outdoor living space you can enjoy all year round. Here at Resort Style Bean Bags, we have beanbags for kids that have become very popular in recent times.

As Australians, we love the outdoors and we love our backyards. Why not introduce some outdoor bean bags that give you style and comfort, encouraging more time outdoors? If you already have some outdoor furniture that’s looking a little drab, why not replace the cushions and tidy up your outdoor living space, while you’re stuck at home.

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