Custom Outdoor Chair Cushions Covers Australia

If you would like a quote for custom outdoor cushion covers (which can also be used indoors of course), fill in the form below and we will be in touch to discuss your outdoor cushion needs.

If you are able to, please provide the measurements of your cushions. See the information below on how to measure your cushions and our range of fabrics designed to suit all situations and budgets. We are happy to discuss which fabric may be best for your situation, and to provide a quote for all fabrics

We know that you may be nervous when measuring your indoor or outdoor cushions, but please rest assured, every cover we have made so far has fit perfectly – even the odd shaped ones!

Daybed Covers in Australia

For examples of our work, see our Outdoor Cushions Gallery


In our outdoor material we have 5 types of fabric – Standard, Commercial, Resortella & 100% Solution Dyed Olefin & Acrylic


  • 400D Polyester
  • Suits an undercover area (no sun)
  • Has a matte canvas type finish
  • PVC backed for water resistance


  • 1680D Polyester
  • It has a thicker weave allowing more dye to be applied making it more fade resistant, so it suits an area with occasional sun
  • PVC backed for water resistance


  • Treated Polyester – UV Resistance, Water Resistance, Mould Resistance
  • Soft cushion finish
  • Suitable for areas with occasional sun


  • Sunproof 100% Solution Dyed Olefin / Acrylic
  • Suitable for areas where there will be sun and weather
  • Water Resistant


All our fabrics are water resistant. I don’t say waterproof as, if they are caught in a heavy down pour of rain, water can seep through where the stitching and zipper are. If this happens, you just need to ensure you remove the covers and dry them out thoroughly, otherwise mould can develop.

I recommend Sunproof Olefin/Acrylic if your covers are going to be left out in the elements/sun as Polyester will fade over time. Commercial (1680D) is the best choice if you do want to go with Polyester. Just keep in mind – the more sun, the quicker it eventually fades. All fabrics will eventually fade in our sun, but lighter colours are less affected.

We have many colours available and we are happy to send out samples. Just submit a quote request and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

made to measure custom cushion measurements

To help us provide you with a quote for custom outdoor cushion covers , please provide the measurements shown. For more ‘complicated’ cushions (rounded, joined etc), message us below with any measurements you may have and we will contact you.

It is safer to measure your insert as your old cushion covers may have stretched. A firm measurement is required so your cover fits like a glove.

PLEASE NOTE : We only supply the covers not the foam/insert and all covers have zips. Please ensure your measurements are correct – if incorrect measurements have been provided, we cannot provide a refund.

All orders come with piping, at no extra cost (including contrast piping), unless you advise otherwise.

Orders generally take 4-6 weeks to be completed.