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Why Are Bean Bags So Expensive?

The cost of bean bags vary from cheap to very expensive. There are a couple of factors that impact the price, but the main one is the fabric used. And of course, the larger the bean bag, the more fabric needed, hence a higher price.

Different Fabrics, Different prices

The main factor in the quality of bean bags comes down to the fabric it is made from. There are various fabrics used for bean bag covers, such as cotton, leather, nylon etc. Silk and leather fabrics look nice and suite indoor bean bag chairs, but they are very high in cost.

Bean bags made of nylon can be used both indoors and outdoors, and you’ll find a few bean bags made from this. However, most outdoor bean bags are made from polyester, as the fabric is cheap, but durable and relatively waterproof (see our guide about waterproof v water resistant). Most polyester is prone to fading over time, so this needs to be taken into account. If your bean bags will be mainly used under cover or stored away, then polyester is a good choice.

Cotton covered bean bag chairs are cheap, but have a few negatives – the main one being that they do not handle liquids very well! So if you have kids or like to sit and enjoy a drink in comfort, you might want to avoid cotton.

Top of the range fabrics used in Bean Bags, particularly outdoor bean bags, include Olefin and Acrylic. These are high performance outdoor fabrics and are often solution dyed. Basically this mean the colour is all the way through the fibres in the fabric, so the fabric shouldn’t fade. Olefin is a popular choice as its slightly tougher wearing that Acrylic. That’s why we offer all our bean bags in Sunproof Olefin.

Aside from the outer cover, better bean bags will have an inner lining. Again this can be cheap or a more durable fabric, adding to the cost. We prefer to go for the better quality for our inner liners as there is nothing worse than tearing the inner liner!

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Large Bean Bags Cost More

It’s not rocket science to figure out that large or double bean bags cost more. The main factor is the amount of fabric needed. However, giant bean bags are relatively more affordable than smaller ones. The cost of manufacture does not change too much between a children’s bean bag and a bean bag lounger (like our Big Kahuna). There is a different in manufacturing cost, and cost of zippers, liners etc. But the main difference in bean bag cost is due to the amount of fabric being used. Given the manufacturing cost is spread over a larger bean bag, you are actually getting more value for money when purchasing larger bean bags.

Designer Bean Bags / Branded Bean Bags

If you are after a special design, or something that complements your other decor, then you can get bean bags custom made (contact us if you would like something made to your shape and size). This does add to the price, but it is not as expensive as you may think. To get something that is just perfect and suits the space you have, it is well so worth it.

Getting Bean Bags branded does add to the cost. The best method is embroidery. Heat press or other methods will peel off over time, leaving your brand looking terrible. Heat can also damage the fabric depending on what it is, so you also need to take that into account. Embroidery stands the test of time and looks great. It’s best to get embroidery done as the bean bag is being made, as big bean bags can be too heavy for the embroidery machines once completed.


Bean Bags can be expensive, but they can also be quite cheap. Given they are essentially a piece of furniture, they fare quite well when compared to other furniture. Bean bags can be moved around and used both indoors and outdoors, so this flexibility needs to be taken into account. You don’t always have to go for the most expensive bean bags – usually they are expensive due to the fabric used. And if where you use them does not need the most expensive fabric, then you can pick up a comfortable piece of furniture that can be used indoors or out on your patio or backyard, for a great price. And what price would you put on sitting in comfort and enjoying good times with friends!

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