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Why Bali-Style Outdoor Bean Bags Are Popular in Australia

Outdoor bean bags have become popular all over the world in recent years particularly in Australia. Relaxing in a bean bag can provide you with the ultimate relaxation as it takes you back to great memories, relaxing in Bali resorts.

People love how comfortable Bali-style bean bags are and how easy they are to move around. Outdoor bean bags can be used for many different purposes, including relaxing in the sun, reading a book, watching TV, or having a picnic. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the reasons why Bali-style outdoor bean bags are so popular!

Our Love for Indonesia

Australians love to holiday in Indonesia, and Bali is the most popular destination. There are many reasons that we enjoy this place. The weather is amazing! Australians from cooler areas such as Melbourne and Hobart, love to escape the cold winters and relax in the sun.

Bali is also a very affordable destination compared to other popular tourist destinations. If you and your family take a holiday for a week or two, it may work out to be more cost effective going overseas to Bali, than a holiday within Australia.

When we have a great, relaxing holiday we often want to bring back that experience into our day-to-day lives. Outdoor bean bags can do just that. Many of the high quality Bali resorts have bean bags very similar to our own range. That’s a big reason why we believe our product range are so popular.

Australians Love Spending Time in their Backyards

When the weather is warm and sunny, there’s nothing better than spending time in your backyard. Whether you’re barbecuing, playing games or just relaxing on a comfortable outdoor bean bag, enjoying the fresh air is a great way to spend a day.

These days, with people on devices many hours every day, we all need to take a break and get outside more. Outdoor bean bags are the perfect way to do that, without giving up any of the comfort or convenience you enjoy indoors.

We know that Australians love spending time outdoors, and our outdoor bean bag range is designed to help you do just that. With comfortable fabric, sturdy construction and weather resistance.

A Word of Caution about Outdoor Bean Bags Online

Be careful where you purchase your outdoor bean bags from since foreign bean bags may not comply with Australian safety standards. For the safety of your family, it’s worth spending a little more for the quality and peace-of-mind you get when you purchase from a reputable Australian business.

The ACCC requires bean bags to have all zipper handles removed and close with a self-locking, child-proof zipper. There should also be adequate labels and warnings on all items.

Still, there are temptations to purchase bean bags direct from Bali, however, with the exchange rate between Australian dollars and Indonesian Rupiahs, and the additional shipping costs you may not even receive a lower priced item and also risk receiving an inferior product. It might be better to get a bean bag that’s a little more expensive and ensure you get great quality.


Australians love spending time outdoors, and what better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by relaxing in a comfy Bali-style outdoor bean bag? Here at Resort Style Bean Bags, we supply only the highest quality outdoor bean bags made from a range of materials to suit indoors, or that can stand up to even the harshest Australian weather conditions.

We have a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your backyard oasis. Order now and enjoy the rest of Summer and the coming Autumn outdoors. Even when the cooler months arrive, you can still get great use out of your outdoor bean bags since they can be used in any environment, whether you are inside or outside.

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